Tips For Choosing The Right Refrigerator For Your Home

When you go away on vacation what is the one outlet you don’t switch off? Refrigerators and freezers run day and night and run up over a fifth of your household’s energy bill. Like any feature of the modern kitchen there are now countless options when seeking out a new refrigerator. 

Energy Rating

We’re coming straight in with the most logical and sensible suggestion about how the refrigerator performs in energy consumption. If you have an older model it is a wise choice to upgrade as soon as possible as modern refrigerators are much more energy efficient than ever before. Make sure the fridge you want is Energy Star certified for a mark of quality straight away. Energy Star refrigerators are up to 9 percent more energy efficient than alternative models. When the appliance in question runs 24/7 that 9 percent adds up quickly.

Place In The Kitchen

When asking the question: “Does this refrigerator fit my kitchen”, there are two different answers you need to have. The first is the literal issue of whether your dream refrigerator will physically fit into your kitchen. Triple check all your measurements, including height, width and depth, and account for the space the door will need to swing open. The second answer is how the refrigerator fits in with the overall look of your kitchen. A state of the art gadget-laden model will look out of place in a rustic or vintage kitchen.

Combo Or Solo

For those with smaller kitchens the idea of a fridge-freezer combo seems sensible. Beware, however, as a combo fridge-freezer will consume more energy than a free-standing refrigerator and chest freezer would. If you don’t have the space in a utility room or elsewhere for a chest freezer – which are better insulated and more energy efficient as mentioned – then consider how much space you need for both frozen and chilled goods and select your style from there. You can get top and bottom freezer combos which, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, differ only in the positioning of the freezer.

Necessary Extras

As stated in the intro to this article there are numerous new home refrigerator choices. A lot of these brand-new models come equipped with stacks of gadgets. Your job is not to be dazzled by the array of luxuries and pick out the add-ons you actually need. Things like see-through panels on the doors and barista service may be wasted money, whereas ice and water dispensers in the door and features to maintain food freshness are logical choices that will serve you well. The more gadgets you have the more you have to go wrong so choose only what you will use.

When you are shopping for a new refrigerator just keep in mind what you actually want to use it for. You want your fridge and freezer to keep food cold and fresh, be as energy efficient as possible, and afford you the most convenience for your lifestyle. Anything else is overkill and added expense.

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