Leave no space for ice dams in your house

Winter, for most of us, is the most splendid and favourable season. It is the season that gives you the reason to enjoy hot beverages, sizzling hot meals, basking heat from the fire place and adventuring in the snow. Apart from the leisure’s that winters endow us with, there are certain difficult situations we ought to face during this season. Such is the problem of the ice dams that get accumulated on the eaves of the sloped roofs of the heated buildings. This may cause a damage to the building as the ice dams prevent the melting snow from draining off the roof. As the drainage of water is not facilitated, the water gets stored up behind the ice dam thus percolating down into the walls, ceilings, insulation and other areas of the building. Many buildings in the Elk River, MN are affected every year by the ice dams. It is therefore imperative to adopt suitable measures for ice dam removal either by self or with the help of an expert.

Ice dams are a part and parcel of the lives of the people dwelling in the snowy areas. The formation of the ice dams can be easily reduced or even ruled out by ensuring appropriate venting and insulation. Certain methods can be adopted to drive away the problematic ice dams. The first and the foremost course of action that needs to be undertaken is to keep the roof cold. This can be done by closing the attic bypasses or by maintaining the level of insulation or by providing provisions for proper ventilation. If you find that keeping the roof cold will not serve the purpose effectively then you can opt for certain products that will clear the ice dams. One such ice dam removal product is the ice and water shield roll which is a form of self-sealing underlayment. Another method to get rid away of these ice-dams is to quickly rake off the snow from your roof with snow rakes, after a heavy rainfall. This method proves to be effective for single-story houses, but can be tedious also. So choose the solution that best serves your purpose and leave no room for the ice dams.

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