Glass or No Glass – Which Kitchen Cabinets Should You Choose

Glass or no glass, if you are remodeling your kitchen and looking for new cabinets this is one question that would be doing the round of your mind. Ask a cabinet manufacturer or home décor expert and they will come with their own list of pros and cons for them. Read blogs on the Internet and they will do little do erase your dilemma. While some of these blogs will sing praises and show you the merits of going for wholesale kitchen cabinet that have glass on them, others will waste no opportunity in coming out with zillions of reasons why you shouldn’t even think about glass.

So which path should you choose? At this very outset let us make it clear that both these schools of design have their pros and cons and the one that you choose to install in your kitchen should be based upon your personal tastes and desires. Let us walk you through few important things that you need to consider when it comes to having glass on your cabinets or not.

Size of the kitchen…

The size of your kitchen is one of the main things to consider. If you have a small kitchen you should have no doubts about going for glass type cabinets. They add depth to your kitchen and create a sense of space. Solid door cabinets tend to make your kitchen appear even smaller. Even if it is merely illusion of space it is worth trying out glass cabinets for your next project. This isn’t to suggest that you can’t have glass door cabinets in large kitchen but in small kitchens they are a must.

Feel in the kitchen…

What kind of fell are you looking to create in the kitchen? Do you wish to add a classy touch with vintage cabinets or looking for more chic options available? While you can go for glass type vintage cabinets they aren’t very popular and don’t quite create the appearance you want. Glass is more suited for modern style cabinets compared to vintage cabinets.

Your lifestyle habits….

Before you start contemplating glass doors it would be worth considering your lifestyle for a while. How are you as a person – organized or one who tends to create a mess everywhere? If you belong to the latter category either you need to get over your habit of organizing things haphazardly and pushing them behind the cabinet doors or better dump the idea of having glass doors all together.  The beauty of these cabinets isn’t in the glass but how you keep things are organized inside. You are one decision away from turning your kitchen into an eyesore and hence you need to take note of your lifestyle.

Your storage needs…

We are mentioning this intentionally at the last as in most likelihood you would consider this first when it comes to choosing wholesale kitchen cabinets. Technically you would feel that there should be no difference whether you choose a glass type cabinet or not. But in the practical world there are challenges that you need to think of. First you can’t cramp all the kitchenware and appliances as you like when glass makes the interiors visible and secondly going for glass might often mean choosing form over practicality.

Now you can clearly see there that the choice between kitchen cabinets with glass and without them is relative. While choosing one you need to consider the factors that we have discussed above. As the saying goes, “to each his own” and you must always choose wholesale kitchen cabinet that lets you make a statement about your lifestyle and upgrade it.

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