Expert Custom Closet Design Tips

A place for everything and everything in place is exactly what describes your dream space that has each item properly stacked at the right places. A well-designed custom closet not only looks neat but can also simplify your life. It can save you endless time searching for things and feeling frustrated. It also saves money as you can see exactly what you have and what you may need. Whether you are planning to build a small wall closet, a full-fledged walk-in closet or one with dressing room included, these closet design tips can come handy.

Begin with a plan

To create something good, you need to plan in advance so start by identifying your needs and put them into a paper. Think about things that are not working well or what solutions you are looking for. What kind of space do you need to store your stuff? Do you own a lot of shoes and require a separate footwear closet? Do you have a fetish for long dresses /skirts and need a taller space to store them? Do you need drawers to keep your accessories in one place? If you are someone who picks handbags in every holiday trip, you may need a spate space for your collection.

Consider your personal habits

When building a custom closet, you also need to consider your personal habits. Are you the kind of person who likes to plan what you will wear the next day? An extendable valet pole may be an excellent addition to keep things neat. Would you want a separate section to keep clothes that have been worn once but not ready for laundry yet?

If you like your dresses to look wrinkle-free, you may consider including a foldout ironing board unit in your closet design. Fitness freaks who start their day by going to the gym can have a special shelf or unit built to inculcate their lifestyle.

Include a laundry hamper in your closet design

After a long tiring day at work, you would want to just come out of your formal dress and get into casuals. Wouldn’t it be great to have a space to dump the worn clothes instead of keeping them on the bedside or the chair? To stay organized without much effort include a laundry hamper in your custom closet design.

Think Out-Of-The-Box

To make your closet meet your exact requirements, think out-of-the-box about things that you require daily. How about a separate tie rack? Or, maybe a shelf to keep scarves, belts, and hanging necklaces? You may make separate Hers and His sections to make sure your dresses don’t get mixed up with your spouse’s clothes. If you have kids, consider including a special storage area for their clothes and accessories.

Where to look for custom closets?

When you have ideas brimming in your mind, it’s the right time to look for a millwork company that has the experience and skills to bring your visions into reality. This Edmonton custom closet and millwork maker has been in business for decades, and they have successfully built custom closets to meet the diverse need of clients. Their biggest USP is that they involve the clients and their ideas in the designing process to deliver exactly what people have in mind.

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