9 Things To Consider When Designing A Deck

Got a spacious area outside your home? Make the most out of it and consider adding an outdoor deck. Whether it’s going to be a pool surround or a dining area, a deck should be built by a home remodeler with versatility and functionality in mind — of course, without leaving the aesthetics behind.

Before kicking off this home improvement project, take into account these nine things you need to consider first:


The existing size and exterior design of your home usually determine where your deck will be located. But in cases wherein you’ve got a lot more options where to put this outdoor home addition, you’d need to decide according to different factors including the view, the shade, the sun, and most importantly, your privacy.


If you have the financial resources, your budget can accommodate your dream deck. But when you’re on a tight one, you’d need to do a lot of compromises, like scaling down the intricacy of your deck’s design or choosing relatively cheaper construction materials.


When talking to a home remodeler, her or she will present different choices of decking materials. If you want weather-resistant woods, you can go for redwood, cypress, or cedar. You can also rely on treated lumber and hardwood for durability. Other options include aluminum and plastic.


As mentioned earlier, your deck design is highly dependent on your budget and location. But one important thing you need to know is that the design should blend and harmonize well with the look of your home’s interior. Furthermore, it should be reflective of your taste, and it should not work as a hindrance to the functionality of this space.

Shape and size

Experts recommend that your deck shouldn’t exceed 20 percent of your home’s square footage — or else, everything will look overwhelming. The shape also depends on the design you want. If you wanted it to look personal and cozy, adding interesting curves or angles can help. If you’re going for a more modern yet elegant look, having a clean and sleek rectangular-shaped size will do.

Traffic pathways

In any part of your house — may it be in the interior or exterior — you should always consider the efficiency of your traffic pathways. Make sure the area of your deck where people will usually mingle is easily accessible. Also, don’t let features like plant boxes be a hindrance to your deck’s pathways.


Having a deck without proper lighting is futile — especially when the evening falls. More than setting the mood or ambiance, strategically-located light sources will allow you to use your deck even after the day ends. Some of the options you have include path lights, overhead lights, and wall or post-mounted lights among others.


Ask any home remodeler and you can confirm the significance of securing permits. Apart from it being a legal obligation, it will also help you build a deck that adheres to your city or state’s building codes.


Building a deck is something most people cannot do DIY-style. To make sure your investment is all worth it, hire the professional services of a contractor. The firm’s network of workers and suppliers will be helpful in transforming your dream deck into reality.

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