Zilker Can Save You Money On Water

Zilker, also known as a personal weather station, is a new water valve that is usually attached to garden hoses and sprinkler systems. There are many articles written on this new technology and the device is getting praises for the savings that it has been providing customers on their water bills. The device works hand-in-hand with the weather station in basically. This new technology is able to calculate evapotranspiration. 

The American Society of Civil Engineers created a standardized formula that the device uses to calculate evapotranspiration. The main three factors that are used in the calculations are humidity, temperature, and cloud coverage. This new technology is currently saving its customers money. You can look at your soil as the bank account, evapotranspiration is the withdrawal from the bank account which is the soil, and the irrigation and the rain fall can be looked at as cash deposits back into the bank account which is the soil. 

The Zilker is controlled by an app. What is unique about this new technology is that it is able to detect when watering is needed for plants and grass. When you water your plants and grass only when it is needed this is more efficient when it comes to the use of water and not wasting water. This also allows your plants and grass not to be overwatered as well. When your plants are not over water they tend to have deeper roots and are healthier. 

This new personal weather station was launched by a company that is based out of Austin, Texas called AustinDevices LLC. This new personal weather station was created for water management and to provide home irrigation. The device is connected to the internet and takes away the necessity for people to get in ground sprinkler systems. It monitors water distribution and by doing this device is continuing to save the individual money. The owner of this device also does not have to pay thousands of dollars to have an underground sprinkler system put in. This new device is very cool and a money saver from every aspect that involves grass and flower irrigation. 

The device is very simply made it only has two pieces. The device consists of a bridge and the bridge is the piece that is used to connect to the internet. The second piece of the device is the valve and this is the peace that is used to connect to the faucet. The two pieces come together and work as a team to analyze the weather. This device can be operated from anywhere from your smartphone. There are some other impressive aspects to this device they can let you know if bad weather is approaching, if your hose has a leak, and if the battery is low. 

This device has the potential of reducing water usage by half, especially in cities that need it such as in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. This device can really help the environment and homeowners. It will be a real disrupter in the landscaping and irrigation industry that’s for sure. The device is the Uber or Lyft in the landscaping and irrigation space. This device is genius and the engineers who created this where very creative and definitely thinking outside of the box. 

The founder of AustinDevices, LLC is a mechanical engineer by the name of John Hanna. He has an excellent resume that includes making the products for Apple and Flextronics. John Hanna founded AustinDevices, LLC in 2014 for the sole purpose of creating this personal weather device. From his education and his resume he is well qualified to do so. What is impressive even more is that he has not had any Angel investing or venture capital funding from anyone. This venture he is funding himself with the help of family, friends, and Kickstarter. 

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