What Are High Definition (HD) Acrylic Prints?

If you are the type that has spent some time searching the acrylic prints market, chances are that you might have come across the term “HD Acrylic Prints. The truth is that there are no differences between an HD acrylic print and a face mounted acrylic print. It is just a marketing strategy to market an acrylic print.

The reason acrylic prints are always clear, crisp, and vibrant is because of the way it interacts with light. Unlike how light passes through as it does with glass, it becomes refracted in acrylics to create an effect that appears to light up your photo. However, there are some components of an acrylic print that can add a bit more definition to your prints – just as it is with most acrylic wall art.

What are the components of an HD Acrylic Print?

#1: Face Mounted  

It has to be printed to a quality photo paper as well as face mounted using a procedure similar and related to a Diasec process.  Acrylic photo prints made by printing directly to the acrylic can look good in most cases, but they are still no match for good acrylic face mount.

#2: Metallic Paper

With certain acrylic face mounts, you are provided with the option of some of satin/luster paper as well as a metallic paper option. The metallic paper option is the best option for most photos because it provides a little bit more pop and depth, especially when joined with the acrylic.  Renowned metallic paper choices include the Fuji Crystal, Kodak Endura, and the Lexjet Sunset Metallic. Furthermore, the only situation or time when we do not recommend the use of metallic paper option is when making acrylic prints for photos with soft colors or family photos.

#3: Art Lighting

Not everybody has the strength to light up acrylic prints with top quality art lighting, but if you do, it will make a significant difference.  Any little direct lighting on your acrylic will brighten it the more, adding to the pop and vibrancy of the acrylic print.

Also, getting a good photographer who has master the act of taking and making acrylic photo prints by adding all the major components of a truly high definition (HD) acrylic print as discussed in this article will go a long way in making sure you are left with vibrant and pop acrylic prints.

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