The Real Junk Food Project Helping with Rubbish Removal in London

The Real Junk food Project is an initiative that is helping to prevent food from going to landfill. They are helping with rubbish removal in London by visiting local food businesses and collecting food that they would otherwise be disposing of to offer to their customers on a pay as you feel basis. Just like us here at Clearabee, a waste removal company in London, who divert up to 90% of the waste they collect from landfill, the Real Junk Food Project are also diverting much of the food from the area away from landfill and to the people who really need it.

The Real Junk Food Project claim that globally around 1/3 of food produced is wasted and ends up sitting in a landfill to rot. They claim that this equates to approximately 1.3 billion tonnes a year. All this is happening at a time when more and more people are using food banks just to meet their basic needs for nourishment, it makes perfect sense for there to be some way of preventing the need for rubbish removal in London when it comes to food and making sure that it is diverted to those who need it the most. The pay as you feel element of the movement ensures that even those with little money to spare can afford to feed themselves when times are tough. Those who can’t afford to pay are encouraged to donate time or skills to further the project but this is not mandatory, no questions are ever asked.

Adam Smith was the founder of the Real Junk Food Project and he started the movement in Leeds, opening a pay as you feel cafe in Armley in 2013. From there, the organisation has grown and grown and cafes, pop up shops and social spaces have opened up in many towns and cities across the United Kingdom. They claim to have saved over 5000 tonnes of food from landfill across the UK, which equates to around 11.9 million meals. A man named Taz is credited with bringing the organisation which offers, a service to the supermarkets and other food-related businesses in the city, which essentially to them is rubbish removal in London. He did this after learning about the real struggles some of the children at his son’s school faced because of a real lack of food. With three branches across the city in Barnet, Camden and Harrow, it seems that Taz really knew what he was doing. Entirely volunteer led the Real Junk Food Project in London offers pop-up shops, soup kitchens, homework clubs, catering and bistro nights. The Real Junk Food Project really demonstrates how people coming together can not only combat our issues which arise as part of our throwaway society but also that they can really bring a community together and change it for the better.

Clearabe is also concerned with just how much valuable material gets sent to landfill. When you see them going about for rubbish removal in London, they don’t just dump your waste. They always sort through it to see what can be recycled. They might take some goods to the charity shop or a local re-use partner to be used again. Then, sort through and take out materials that can be recycled before delivering them to the relevant waste transfer station. Clearabee is very good at what they do and at spotting how goods can be recycled, indeed they even usually save over 90% of what we collect from going into landfill. If you care about our environment, make sure you call Clearabee when you need a rubbish removal service in London.

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