Perfect Roofing Solutions You Can Have Now

Renewable and ecological, the wood used in ceilings and ceilings generates a lower environmental impact, not only due to the characteristics of origin but also due to its smaller footprint compared to those built with cement slab.

Both the laminated beams and the groove are made of eucalyptus and reforestation pines as the main components. Beyond this feature, they have different advantages that we review in this note. Opt for the local roofer Athens GA there.

Clear advantages

The costs, construction times, degree of earthquake resistance, isolation level, achieved spatial warmth, final image, overload and lightness are some of its advantages.

The professional specifies it with an example: for a 50 square meter slab, it will take between 15 and 20 days to assemble formwork and irons, filled with concrete and forge. Then, with the time of stripping, plastering, the final finishes and painting, we will reach 50-60 days, while a wooden ceiling of the same surface is carried out in just three days.

But, if we focus on thermal and acoustic insulation, wooden ceilings achieve spaces that are very easy to air-condition without too much loss of heat or cold, thanks to the delay coefficients of their materials.

To make matters worse, it is an organic material that leaves little carbon footprint; when presented in its purest state, it does not become a disruptive presence in natural settings.

The finishes

Finally, if the decision is to have a roof with less environmental impact, the finishes, protectors or impregnators to be used should be water-based. They generate the same protection, have the same termination and do not contain petroleum derivatives in their composition.

Indicated woods

Wood is a natural element: its variety of textures, grains and colors make it a unique material. Within the same species you can find a table similar to another, but it will not be identical; That speaks to its distinctive properties.

To consider

The main disadvantage is that it is a combustible material, especially if some type of treatment was not applied to make it less flammable.

The market for roof chests is huge and, precisely because of this, confusing for many. There are from small, light and cheap models for a few dozen euros, to huge versions like the Flensboxx, which has a length of 2.80 meters, a cargo volume of 1,700 liters and up to 140 kilos of useful load (it costs about 1500 euros). 

Last Words

But the most common models are the ‘middle class’, which fit approximately 350-500 liters of luggage. Basically, quality comes at a price. But there are models for 200 euros that have performed well. However, higher quality (and therefore more expensive) products tend to be more resistant, even after frequent use, they are still waterproof and the lock is intact, which is not always the case with older models.

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